Souvenir Memorial Booklet

Dear Family:

In preparation for the 2014 Fate and Bennett Family Reunion, it is time to reflect on those loved ones that have gone to eternal rest. There is nothing we can do to bring them back but we can remember them and the legacy that they left behind. Many of us may not know everyone who is deceased; therefore, it becomes imperative that we remember them.

The way we will do this is through the publishing of a souvenir booklet that will include photos of all our living relatives and a special memorial section for those who have gone on before. All we ask of you is that you send a family photo or photos, with name(s) of the individual(s) on the photo, their birth date, telephone number and email address. For the deceased loved ones, please send a photo of him/her with a small biography to commemorate the person and the accomplishments that he/she has made and the date of birth/death. Also indicate the relationship of the person to you.

The deadline for the photos and information for the book is April 30, 2014. This date is chosen to allow time for preparation, design and production. We ask that you send original pictures of the best quality possible. That is, photos that have been taken in adequate lighting, outside in daylight or by a professional. The best quality photos will insure the best quality results for our finished booklet. We will send the pictures back to you via return mail. If you have questions, please contact Edwin Whitehead at 478-997-8103 or any of the committee members.

During our banquet, we would also like to recognize our family’s accomplishments, so we ask that you send us all of your accomplishments: new births, marriages, graduations, sports achievement, and awards of any kind: excellence in test scores, academic achievement, etc. Any accomplishment is noteworthy and will be included. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Pricenthia Hill at 478-972-5745 or any of the committee members.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in this effort. We look forward to a great reunion and we hope to hear from you soon.

Yours in love,

Jackie Whitehead, Program Chair

Pricenthia Hill, 478-972-5745
Realido Jordan, 478-390-9478
Laquanda Whitehead, 478-960-1126
Edwin Whitehead, 478-997-8103
Mildred Reese, 478-892-8642

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